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Mezzanine and platform storage systems are an excellent choice when you need to increase storage capacity while maintaining available floor space. We work with several manufacturers of of these types of products, and we can design, layout, and install any of these systems to meet your requirements.


Setting up a platform specifically for storage purposes gives you a few options, especially since most designs are custom to your storage needs. Just need more space to store? Install a basic mezzanine platform with the room to stack boxes, install shelves, or rest large objects and still have room beneath the platform. Need to be more specific? Describe your idea and we find or create a custom mezzanine design for you.  This might include a combination of industrial catwalks suspended between industrial rack shelving (as seen on left) to create tons of shelf storage options in a large space.


The benefit of warehouse mezzanines? Organization, navigation, and flow. Adding a mezzanine platform offers under storage, systematic walkways, and on-platform storage. In addition, mezzanines can support modular offices and shipping areas which demand regular wear and tear use. We offer dozens of options suited for any need, including pre-manufactured/pre-designed mezzanines, free standing platforms, custom sizes, standard or stainless steel materials, and designs that meet specifications and regulations.
​Maximize warehouse storage with custom mezzanine storage systems.


Any length or any height, if the goal is to create an elevated walkway from one mezzanine to another, or just above the ground, then a catwalk might be a good idea. Industrial grade and sturdy, our catwalks can be used for easier foot traffic and navigation in warehouses, between platforms, or even custom purposes like training setups and connecting rack shelving units to make elevated walkways for unique storage solutions.

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